About Pith

Pith Africa is a fashion house, founded in Lagos, Nigeria by Cosmas Ojemen who serves as the Creative Director, Nez Anazodo as Style Director & Head Of Operations, and Artistic Director, Adedayo Laketu in 2020. The trio came together to create a fashion brand that was founded on the fundamentals of what the youth actually wear, their unique sense of individuality and style. A fourth founder, Seyi Oluwadare later joined the team as our in-house developer & Tech Lead.

PITH means two things, one is ‘Essence’ and another definition of PITH is the part of a plant that helps to transport nutrients throughout the plant and then store the nutrients within its cells.

So we created PITH first with the idea of tapping into the essence of being young, creative, wild, innovative, etc, right now as an African in Africa and in the diaspora. There’s also the layer of being able to garb people’s insecurities by creating clothes they can identify with.

The goal is to create for young Africans who are more exposed now than ever: a generation of African content creators, athletes, developers, artists of all mediums, creatives, and innovators who are pioneering bound-breaking ideas. Pith Africa sets out to create clothes by first and foremost engaging our immediate environment in order to understand the layers and emotions being passed across each garb in search of individuality.

There’s been an increase in the rise of Africans creating paradigm shifts, and Pith Africa wants to be a brand that resonates with them, using clothing and imagery as a tool for documentation. At the moment we’re creating clothes to document a timeline of growth in Pan-African creative scenes, and our growth as artists.

Our brand’s intention as a global participator in the fashion industry is to create a fashion brand that can not only stand up to the global giants in terms of quality, fashion offers, and relevance but also show the world that we can build a high-end fashion company with youthful ideas from the heart of Africa.

PITH has established itself as one of the most sought-after/break-out fashion companies in Lagos, Nigeria. We’ve become a part of the burgeoning millennial ecosystem in Nigeria with a growing presence in Accra, Nairobi, and Johannesburg. We’ve learned how to create engaging pieces, with vibrant and refreshing designs that are innately relatable to millennial audiences and tap into layers of sustainability in our approach.

We see global brands like Nike, LV, Zara, etc, make pieces for us but not really from us. That’s why PITH strives to be our LV, our sustainable Zara, on a global scale but with our stories and ethos in mind. We want to create products, collaborate, build a community, and inspire a new age in Africa.

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